Lessons in teen photography

Lessons in Teen Photography: an Interview with Annie Levy

Article by Kayla Giacin and the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation Photo: Steven R. Hazlett “CBTF is proud to be working with professional photographer, Annie Levy, in our first venture in teen photography. Thanks to the collaboration of Annie, her assistant Paul White, and a grant from the Fred J. Epstein Pediatric Care Foundation, we have been able to connect […]

New York Post on “The Picture of Health”

Original Article: http://nypost.com/2011/08/15/helping-to-make-kids-the-picture-of-health/ Photographer Annie Levy believes you can express your deepest thoughts through a picture, and she gives cameras to young people battling challenges of all kinds to help them reflect on their hopes, fears and successes. Levy won a 2010 Liberty Medal in the Leadership category for putting cameras in the hands of young […]